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by Carly-Ann

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We woke up on our last morning in San Antonio and we were both feeling kind of sore. I had a blister on the back edge of my heel that was giving me grief and my calves were giving minor complaints about their overextension yesterday.

Our flight from San Antonio to Houston wasn’t until 2:15 so we had a little time to relax, get ready slowly and enjoy our morning. I went out and shopped for a bit, Kevin stayed in and packed.

Once we’d checked out, we decided to hang around the property and enjoy our coffee and last few minutes in the courtyard rocking chairs.

We grabbed an Uber to the airport and readied ourselves for the quick flight to Houston that would connect us home.

We’ve been surprised at how much public art and live music there is everywhere you go. From the River Walk to the AT&T Center, to the mall, to the street, it’s everywhere. Our trip to the airport was no different – we walked into our terminal and there was a man playing his guitar and we took a look at art on the walls while we walked to our gate.

We had an uneventful trip to Houston and landed in the middle of another wonderland of an airport. IAH is no joke. It’s slightly less bright, but it feels spacious and has great food and drink options and plenty of shopping or lounging opportunities.

We opted for barbecue since we’d been in Texas for four days and Kevin had yet to try any. (I stuck to sides.) Just as we were finishing up our food, we got simultaneous text messages savaging our next flight had been delayed. Hmph.

I blame myself. On the flight over from Houston, I’d made a mental note that each of our three flights with United had arrived not only on time, but actually early. Well. Our 1.5 hour delay was going to make up for all of that time and more. Luckily, we aren’t too finicky and just decided to wander more, ending up in Beerhive watching Monday Night Football and playing weird iPad video games to pass the time.

Eventually, we did board and we also made it home to Vancouver, arriving at 11pm (1am where we came from.) Just in time for bed. Zzzzzz.

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