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by Carly-Ann

There are benefits to traveling so damn early. Like, no lineups, way fewer people, not ever being awake enough to understand the torture.

Things went relatively smoothly this morning. We got up at 3-ish and left for the airport mostly on time. Parked the car, took the shuttle, tagged our bags and passed through security.

For our flight to San Francisco, it was like flying through the night. For well over an hour, there was nothing to be seen over the wing. Just darkness.

We had a couple of hours at SFO and has it ever changed since I was there last! It’s really beautiful and well planned. Restaurants – even the fast food counters – offer hearty and healthy options, there’s great coffee available (not just Starbucks,) workspaces are plentiful and so are the plug points. There is great places to sit, beautiful public art all over the place and it’s nice and bright thanks to its use of windows and natural lighting. It was truly enjoyable to layover there. (More photos here.)

We departed for San Antonio just before eleven and there were a number of open seats on the flight – that’s something you don’t often see anymore! Kevin and I spread out and got some extra elbow room. He mostly slept, I mostly read and the flight was mostly uneventful. We did hit some pretty nasty turbulence later in the flight. It was worse than any I’d ever experienced before, in fact. The pilots quickly ordered the flight attendants into their seats and I guess it was rushed enough that proper procedures couldn’t be followed. For the duration of the rocky part of the flight, you could just hear all the airplane bottles of booze clattering against each other. It was equally humourous and aggravating.

But, alas, we arrived in Texas, safe and sound. Of course, I’d been here before, but it wasn’t for long and it was quite a while ago. A few things rang some bells when I saw them, but we are staying in a totally different part of town and I needed to reacquaint myself.

We can see The Alamo from our room.It’s literally right across the street.

We dropped our bags and headed to the Health and Fitness Expo related to the races that brought us here: this city’s version of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Coming into town, We were both booked in for the half marathon taking place on Sunday, but there’s been a lot of debate about whether that would remain the same.

I was rock steady in my commitment. Kevin, however, is still suffering from an injury that seems to be rooted in his back, but manifesting in his hip. He’s been at the pool at least six days a week and seeing a combination of physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists at least four times a week. He was hoping for a big showing this weekend, but he finally decided that the 5k was pretty much all he could risk.

We went into the expo planning for him to downgrade to the 5k and for me to remain in the half only. He stuck to his part of the plan, but as soon as he did, I got carried away and registered for it, too. My intention isn’t to actually run the race, but I’m going to enjoy seeing the city and keeping him company. And I’m freaked about running by myself for the first time on Sunday. Eeeek.

The expo wasn’t my favourite. It was fine, but we didn’t see anything great and we didn’t buy a single thing. (Weird.)

From the expo, I introduced Kevin to the River Walk, one of San Antonio’s main attractions. At first, from above, he didn’t seem that into it, but that quickly changed as he got a closer look.

After walking for a few blocks’ worth of River Walk, watching the tour boats travel back and forth, we started talking about where they started and whether we should take one. Next thing we knew, the lineup for the boats was right in front of us! We bought tickets and drinks and hopped aboard.

The River Walk was recently decorated for Christmas and it was like a wonderland cruising under all the lights. Magical.https://www.carlyrigby.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/img_2215.mov

The tour lasted about 35 minutes and we both really enjoyed it.

We went for Mexican food right near the place where we got off the tour boat and it was really, really good.

From there it was a quick walk back to our 150 year hotel (more on that later) so that we could catch a quick swim before the pool closed.

It’s been a good day, but a long one. We’ll be up early for the race and we lost two hours when we came to Texas so we’re hitting the hay to catch up/rest up for tomorrow.

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