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by Carly-Ann

As if it wasn’t enough that we have an 6AM flight tomorrow morning, we also had a 7pm hockey game tonight. Sure, it isn’t a ton to juggle, BUT it does cut into the whole last minute packing shtick I’ve had going on this fall. If we get home from the game around 10:30 and had to get up at around 3:30, that’s still give us time to pack and to sleep – 5 hours. Gulp.

Thankfully I’ve mostly packed – and it’s refreshing to be on a short, four-day trip. I threw together a selection of clothes, a running outfit, a swimsuit and that was that. And I’m only bringing three books!

You know what’s something I love to look at on my phone? The things I have in my wallet. I know people who clear it all out when they’re done with a ticket or a boarding pass. Me, I like to keep it all and look back at it later on. It’s like a digital scrapbook of all the flights I took, all the games I attended, all the concerts I watched.

I’m sure it’s a surprise to nobody that I treat the things in my house and in my life much the same way. I like to keep things that are meaningful and I like to look at them later. The memories make me happy – whether they are digital records or souvenirs I can hold in my hands. Yes, I am not, by any means, a minimalist.

Are you someone who clears out your wallet when an event is over? Or do you hang onto the proof of your memories? Does how you manage your wallet reflect how you manage your belongings?

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