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by Carly-Ann

Overheard while we decorated the tree tonight:

What’s with you and putting creepy dolls on our tree?

I have no idea what Kevin is talking about. I think it’s cool that this party elf’s eyes follow you wherever you go in the room.

And these two have been on my Christmas tree for as long as I can remember.

We have boxes and boxes of decorations just for the tree. I am so not into themed trees, preferring instead the mish mash jumble of things I’ve collected over the years and that Kevin has slowly started contributing to.

Like the origami cranes I made in my early years of having my very own tree, back when I’d choose a spindly little Douglas Fir and string big, round, colourful lights all around it.

Do you know what state this is? I do, thanks to my dear friend Rachel. ❤️

I have antique glass ornaments that joined the family via the very first tree that my parents had after they were married and I have some others that belonged to my grandparents for who knows how long.

I have ornaments I’ve collected in my travels.

And many, many cat representations.

I have ornaments that document the many phases I’ve been through.





Every year, we take them out and we talk about which ones we like, which ones are weird, which ones have stories. We repair ones that are broken and carefully choose which ones will make the cut and which will sit this year out. (Like the Falcons. The Falcons are sitting this year out.) It’s probably one of the most meaningful and fun exercises, decorating the tree, and each year it keeps getting better.

And in the end, it kind of always looks the same, but it still maintains its magic.

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