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by Carly-Ann

One month from today, the visions of sugarplums will be dancing and we’ll be setting our sights on our long winter’s naps. People may argue that it’s too early for Christmas things, but, as you can tell, I am not one of them.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I have a tendency for starting strong. I come out of the gates quickly, I like to get started early and then my short attention span gets the best of me and I scale it back before a panicked push at the end. This applies to Christmas and it also applies to pretty much everything else, too.

Tonight, we’re hauling out the tree and sorting through the decorations and I am thrilled about it!

This afternoon, we got to go to Kevin’s Canucks season ticket holder event – a skate at Rogers Arena!

A few years ago, after I’d posted somewhere on social media that we’d been ice skating, we visited my parents’ house shortly after. My folks both asked where I got my skates from. When I told them I didn’t have any, they went downstairs and returned with a pair that my mom swore she hadn’t used since the seventies. Sure, they looked like they’d been in a basement for thirty years, but I felt like Cinderella when I put them on my feet. They fit like gloves.

It’s been a couple of years since then and I’ve had great intentions for those skates. I’ve had them sharpened and I searched high and low for white shoe polish (which isn’t as easy to find as you’d think!) and skate length white laces.

Ta da!

We had a one hour window for skating and we arrived a few minutes late, but we were still able to make the most of it. The organization did a great job of welcoming us in and making it a really fun event. There was popcorn and coffee or hot chocolate. We got on the ice from the Olympia Tunnel (where the zamboni comes out) and could skate around for as long as we wanted.

The Canucks dressing room was open and we got to walk down the tunnel that you see them use to get on and off the bench. Fin was there skating around, taking pictures with everyone and up to his usual hijinks.

It was interesting to see all the places where the players go and to get to explore the arena a little more than usual. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, we did the arena tour back in 2017 and can’t recommend it enough, but it was even better actually getting out there on the ice! (Not that we haven’t done that before.)

Here are more photos from our little spin around the ice this afternoon.

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