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by Carly-Ann

I woke up to a text this morning. It said:

Slipping into the heart of darkness today (tepito) do you want a Santa Muerte statue. Anything you are too embarrassed to ask god forgiveness for, she will take care of. Patron saint murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes and schedule writers.

That part at the end was a joke and it was certainly nice to start with a laugh, but is this a guy who knows me or what?

If you actually google Santa Muerte, the results are equally intriguing and terrifying. I guess I like my spirituality like I like my ghosts – light. It makes no more sense to me that magic needs to be black than it does that all ghosts need to haunt.

I always joke that I could shock you with the movies I haven’t seen. I’m just not that into them especially at home. I like to go to the theatre every so often and I go even more often than that because Kevin loves it. At home, there are about 8746 things I’d rather do that sit and follow a two hour plot line. Thanks, but no thanks.

HOWEVER, movies is what this house is all about right now. All night. Every night. Christmas movies, to be precise. We’ve watched some we love, one we hated and tonight we tried to watch one of never seen, but one that so many people I know love: The Nightmare Before Christmas. We didn’t finish it, not yet anyway. I’m not into musicals and I just couldn’t ride this one out. Not tonight.

Just as I was sitting down to start tonight’s festivities, I got a text from Lesley asking where my list of Christmas movies was. I sent her the link and it opened up a deeper conversation about Christmas movie sub genres. We debated the merit of funny Christmas movies (I’m okay with funny, but not dumb; she’ll pass) vs (our shared preference) sweet and romantic Christmas movies. We even love a few of the same ones!

We’ve turned ourselves onto A Christmas Story instead now and we’ve gotten a little further, but all these screaming kids may jeopardize my full-length commitment. It’s been a long week, okay?

What is yours favourite genre of Christmas movie? Do you have any favourites?

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