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by Carly-Ann

We’re getting close to the end of the year. I know because I’ve unintentionally started to contemplate my mental things I did this year and things I want to do next year lists.

There are still 44 days left in 2018 and I don’t want to overshadow that equally meaningful time with looking too far behind and/or ahead, BUT I love to indulge in a lot of reflection on the future and on the past and the more distance, the better. (I’m not good when I’m put on the spot.)

I didn’t make any resolutions at the beginning of 2018, but I did have some expectations. More than anything, I felt like this year was going to be one of great growth, of coming into myself, of learning and actually paying attention to and embracing who I am. I feel like that’s largely come true. There have been more instances of knowing myself better in 2018 than in probably any of year of my life. That isn’t because I wasn’t paying attention before, but because I wasn’t able to truly celebrate that.

The first of Gretchen Rubin’s Twelve Commandments if Happiness is Be Gretchen. That statement makes more sense to me than ever and this has been the year that I’ve learned to Be Carly.

I’m not interested in taking classes that span several weeks or months.

I like reading non-fiction better thanI like reading novels.

I have to be in a very specific mood or interested in a very specific piece to enjoy a visit to an art gallery.

I love watching wrestling even in spite of that fact that, yes, I know it isn’t real.

I can’t stand Snapchat or Instagram stories and I don’t even really like Instagram in general.

Those are just a few of the truths I’ve finally owned this year and you know what? It all feels really good. It feels like I’m starting to honour my true self.

As I’m looking towards 2019 and all that the new year will bring, I’m starting to contemplate what I want to do with it, what I want the year to mean to me and perhaps even a few things I would like to accomplish along the way.

Have you started to make plans for your 2019? Will you be making any resolutions?

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