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by Carly-Ann

By Saturday, we’d been through the work segment of the trip and the vacation segment of the trip and we had just transitioned into the running segment. With the true arrival of the first Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon event that evening, it was time to lace up our shoes and get moving!

Last year, we didn’t know anybody else who was racing. This year, we had four friends also taking part in not just one, but TWO races this weekend! All flew into town over a span of 24 hours beginning on Friday late afternoon.

We were thankful that we didn’t have to brave the expo on the morning of the first event, also the last day (we went on Thursday), but by all accounts it was smooth sailing over there and not too busy at all.

We had a late breakfast in the cafe and wandered around for an hour or two. Eventually we ended up back in our room and decided to rest up so that Kevin wouldn’t exhaust his body before our 6pm race.

Just after 4pm, Lesley stopped by our hotel and we all hopped into a cab to head up The Strip to the Las Vegas Fairgrounds, the start and finish of the 5k. We got there with about 75 minutes to spare so we explored the minimalist surroundings while the sun went down.

While we’ve been here in Vegas, the temperature has been hovering around 21° (that’s around 70° for you Fahrenheiters.) As the weekend approached, however, the temperature dropped down to about 16° or so. Everyone had been concerned about the race on Sunday when it’s forecasted to be windy. The coolness in the air became pretty evident in the moments before the Saturday race when it got dark and the cold came with it. I wouldn’t go as far as to change my outfit for the long race, but I, for one, am happy it won’t be hot.

The start line situation was well organized and it all went smoothly. There were 24 corrals and we were at about the middle point, but they stuck to the schedule pretty well and got everyone moving quickly.

There wasn’t much to see on this race last year and the course hasn’t changed at all. Runners leave the fairground and then run along a wide road that was been closed down. It’s a straight shot out and then a left leading to a turnaround at its end. Coming back you rejoin the racers running in the opposite direction and follow the same route back. Once the course returns to the fairgrounds, it’s a little deceiving. One may think that they are nearing the finish line, but the path through the fairgrounds twists and turns several times before eventually turning towards the end.

This race is entirely flat – there isn’t even a hint of an incline. You don’t get the view of The Strip that you do at the 10k, half or full marathon, but the RnR spirit is there.

This is the medal we received for the 5k and here is the review I posted on Bibrave.

Post-race, we were able to meet up with three of the four friends who were around for the weekend. Initially, we’d planned on going to different dinner venues, but as luck would have it, we all coincidentally ended up at the same place: Five50. ????

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