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by Carly-Ann

Last time we were in Vegas, Kevin had a great love affair with the Kooza slot machine in the casino at the Aria. It seemed to love him as much as he enjoyed it and it essentially funded a good portion of our trip in the end. And a new xbox. I feel I need to disclose that the machine was the first thing he looked for when we arrived back at our hotel and, sadly, it’s gone now.

Since we got here, he has been looking far and wide for another Kooza machine or a sufficient and equally generous replacement. We’ve been in and through several casinos in the last six days and none have surfaced, but our search is not over yet!

We may not have found a replacement slot machine, but we did discover Deal or No Deal Poker at Caesar’s Palace yesterday afternoon. Each player selects a briefcase and is dealt two cards. All players then watch as cards are shown one at a time until they have full hands or the timer runs out. The first player to take the card after it is shown gets it and build their hand. If someone completes their hand, the timer burns down to the final seven seconds. Some of the briefcases are removed and then the winner gets to take the deal being offered by the banker or keep what’s in their selected briefcase. It’s loosely based on the game show of the same name (which I only learned about thanks to casino games.) The air of mystery surrounding the extra risk of gaining or losing more than anticipated adds to the fun fun and the fast pace of the card selection makes it more exciting than regular poker. It wasn’t monetarily lucrative, but we had a really good time playing just the two of us.

We headed up The Strip to spend some time checking out the casinos we usually like to visit, but hadn’t really hit yet. There isn’t really too much more to tell since we just looked at stuff, gambled, shopped, wandered. Nothing monumental. In fact, I don’t even remember if we bought anything.

Today, we got the running portion of the vacation underway and welcomed some friends to town. To be completely honest, yesterday feels like a lifetime ago.

More on all that tomorrow. ????

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