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by Carly-Ann

???? On the road again… ????

Today, we turned the car toward Bothell, Washington. As I mentioned the other day, we are here to hang at one of our favourite hotels and to do a pirate race (A PIRATE RACE!) tomorrow morning.

I had a fourteen hour day in the office yesterday (if I’m going to take three weeks out of the office, I have to pay for it up front and in full) so when I came home, I was so bagged that I watched baseball (BASEBALL!) for three innings and not even the good one – went to bed after the 17th. I really needed a rest so we didn’t set an alarm and we didn’t rush out the door.

We hit the border just around noon and from there we smoothly sailed to Redmond, Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.

We’ll return there for the race, but today we were there for package pickup and only package pickup. It looks like a cute place, but we were there for probably less than fifteen minutes.

We were anxious to get to our destination for the remainder of the day and our homebase for the weekend, McMenamin’s Anderson School.

We arrived just around 2pm and were able to get into our room right away. Room 211 is dedicated to Dr. Gary Wegner who is, I believe, an astronomer who hails from this area and went to the school. In the four times we’ve stayed here, this is, by far, my favourite room to date.

We were hungry when we arrived so we headed downstairs to one of the restaurants after just a few minutes of settling in.

It’s Kevin’s birthday week so that called for a flight!

And some Cajun tots.

After we were finished our meal, we returned to our room for a little rest and to formulate our plan for the rest of the day.

Ever since our first visit, we’ve wanted to see a movie here. Unfortunately, every time in the past we’ve either been too busy or the movie hasn’t been appealing enough for us to go. Tonight, however, they were playing A Star Is Born. Kevin saw it when it first came out, the weekend I was in Chicago. He loved it and has said several times since then that he wants to go see it again with me. Tonight, he got his chance.

This is the theatre where they show first-run movies a few times a day and where we watched the film. They serve a decent menu including a full bar service.

My quick response to A Star Is Born: it was beautiful and tragic and it made me cry in both happy and sad ways from start to finish.

Once we’d finished drying our tears, we came back to our room to prepare for tomorrow and to get a good night’s sleep. As we walked through the outdoor corridors across the campus, I couldn’t help but love how the Halloween decorations and rainy night were coming together so perfectly.

We’ve now discovered a Friday the 13th marathon on tv and we were just in time for Part 2 so we may be up for a while…

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