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by Carly-Ann

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already, but we’re watching You after I read the book and its follow up over the last several weeks. We are totally immersed. After every episode, Kevin looks at me and says, “this is such a good show.” And it is.

Here’s the thing: it’s that feeling when you’ve read a story once and then you try to absorb it again through a different means, through someone else’s eyes. It’s rewarding in some ways because you get to see the visual of something you might not have been able to imagine. On the flip side, you sometimes seeing things through someone else’s eyes can put a damper on the memory.

This is a book made into a series so that requires a LOT of modifications. First of all, you can blast through a whole book in just a few one hour increments. Right now, we’re getting into episode seven and most of the book is already covered. It is really good, but it isn’t the book and with every departure from the original, I’m fighting the temptation to correct it. “It was snowing in this scene.” “That cop was African American, not Caucasian.” And so on.

The series touches on love, jealousy, obsession and is thrilling, mysterious and totally compelling. Like the book, which I’d recommend reading first. Kevin is just the test audience that proves it isn’t entirely necessary.

Have you ever read a book that because a TV series? Which was better?

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