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by Carly-Ann

Kevin’s out working at Ellen Degeneres and I was going to stay in and get caught up on TWO episodes of This Is Us tonight. Then I got an opportunity to meet a very dear friend for dinner and I just couldn’t resist.

Roger and I have known each other for more than twenty years and he’s one of a few people I knew I’d be friends with forever as soon as we met. It’s funny because we don’t have much more than our mutual appreciation for thoughtful conversation in common. He’s into sailing and motorcycles and at one point at dinner tonight, he looked at me across the table and said, “Tarot cards? Really?” (Equally cringe-worthy to him is the fact that I’ll note now that the people I most often feel this kind of strong kinship with are fellow Capricorns. Like him.)

For as long as I’ve known him, we’ve spent hours (and hours and hours) just talking. About something, about nothing. About the past, about the future. And in all this time, we’ve never run out of things to say. And I love that.

What a fun night we had! We went dinner, then took a walk to get coffee and dessert. Then another walk before we parted ways for this visit.

As an introvert in an extrovert’s position, I’m often completely exhausted at the end of a full week. I’m as surprised as anyone that the most rejuvenating thing for me tonight was some time A. outside of the house and B. with another human being.

Thank god for connecting with our kindred spirits.

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