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by Carly-Ann

October. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink everywhere. Reminders for self exams, mammograms, breast health.

Coincidentally, I heard some news that really shocked me this week. Someone I known through lacrosse for nearly a decade and through more finely curated shared interests more recently, a 32-year old woman with a husband and three kids, an important job, meaningful pursuits outside of work – teaching yoga! clean living! – an all around beautiful and inspiring human being, she has breast cancer.

She laid it all out to those of us who care about her in a social media kind of way (which, I am by no means undermining – online relationships are meaningful relationships, too) via Instagram and she has been keeping it going ever since.

Her request from those who know and/or follow her? That we spread love, express care and support to others, that we reach out as human beings and that we share those experiences with her and with everyone.


Imagine that this beautiful and strong woman, so recently immersed in the fight of her life, is reaching out to the world with a call for kindness and love. While I’m sure this is a roller coaster of emotions for her and her loved ones – with extreme highs and lows – but for her to have such an admirable and thoughtful response is a true testament to her immense fortitude.

Follow Kelsey aka vibrant.yogi on Instagram to follow and become a part of her movement.

Bonus link: My friend Jen also wrote about breast care today and shared her story of a follow up ultrasound and all those fucking butterflies.

And, just in case you missed it when I reposted the other day, here’s my first mammogram experience.

Please, if you qualify, go get a mammogram. If you don’t, set an alarm to do monthly self exams. And remember:

Late addition: here’s a link to Kris Carr’s self exam video.

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