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by Carly-Ann

Day three was an early morning because we had our first organized event to get to, the Advocate Health International 5k.

The alarm went off at 6:15 and we dragged our asses hopped out of bed and got dressed. After one loud crack of thunder, we did a weather check as best we could from our tenth floor windows. Rain. Lots of it. Like a shower. Lesley’s app reported that it was 20° and, for once, the first time since we got here, in fact, it felt like it. And 96% humidity. We were stumped for what to wear, but we eventually just sucked it up and did our best.

Walking out, it was exactly how I described it looking: like a shower. As I said to my Twitter friend, Jenni when she was giving me a pep talk last night, “I’m from the west coast so I’m used to rain, but our rain is cold LIKE RAIN IS SUPPOSED TO BE. ????” Yikes.

We were about a mile from the start line so we made it just in time…for the original start time. The weather postponed the start by fifteen minutes.

The race wound through many diverse neighbourhoods in downtown Chicago and ended at Grant Park. It was definitely a race when you’d want to keep your head up because there was so much to see!

At the end, we got our medals and baggies full of water, Gatorade, some crackers, a bar and a hat.

The weather was drier by the time the race even started so that was a relief, but it was still muggy as can be which was challenging, but the course was distracting enough that it made it really fun.

Here’s my review of the race on BibRave.

Back to the hotel and showers and warm beds and in room coffee and SEX AND THE CITY! Not only that, but the second episode we watched was my favourite episode in the whole series: A Woman’s Right to Shoes.

After a tiny bit of relaxation, we were ready to hit the streets again.

Our afternoon mainly consisted of wandering. We had brunch across the street at Beatrix and check out my cauliflower grits and eggs with brussels sprouts. It was delicious!

From there we zigged and we zagged and we crissed and we crossed all over town. Highlights: Under Armour, Nordstrom Rack, Cubs team store, Blackhawks team store and, of course, the scenery. Chicago truly is a beautiful city.

After a few hours of exploration, we decided it would be a good idea to get some time off our feet and headed back to the hotel for the rest of the afternoon.

We had a game plan that worked back from the time when we wanted Lesley to be in bed and had picked out the perfect dinner destination: PF Chang’s. We knew she could get some protein and veggies in preparation for the race and we also knew they’d be delicious.

Lettuce wraps were a MUST and that lobster avocado roll with curry aioli was pretty legit, too.

Now, I’ve worked with athletes for several years and I live with a goalie so I’m deeply familiar with and respectful of pre-event rituals and routines. Throughout the weekend, I’ve been trying to get familiar with Lesley’s needs – what time does she want to sleep, what does she want to eat, what needs to be prepared for tomorrow, etc. If you didn’t know it, you’d never guess that she is about to run TWENTY-SIX MILES in the morning. She’s a total pro. I’m a basket case before a 5k and she’s as cool as a cucumber before 42.2. What a champ!

You guys, she’s wearing a Nike bag in this picture. THAT’s how wet it was this morning.

Tomorrow, THE Chicago Marathon!

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