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by Carly-Ann

I was a total sucker for thinking I’d be packed and ready to go in a calm and orderly manner today. I probably did the final zip on my suitcase about twenty minutes before I left to meet Lesley and I logged off my computer about fifteen minutes after that. It was fine and I’m happy that I’m in good traveling condition. I’m hydrated, bright eyed and so very happy to be leaving the country.

It’s been a while since I (air) traveled with anyone but Kevin. So long, in fact, that it feels really strange. When you have a regular travel partner, you get into habits and routines: one person carries the passports the other leads the way to the gate, one person buys the coffee, the other packs the snacks.

Traveling with someone who isn’t family opens up opportunities for new routines. It also adds an extra layer of adventure because unless you already live with your travel partner (roommates are a type of family!) then you don’t really know their own needs, wants and tendencies very well.

I haven’t (air) traveled with a girlfriend in ages, like maybe even decades. The last I can remember was a trip to Vegas with a friend I don’t even keep in touch with anymore. In fact, most of my travel that isn’t with a Kevin or my family is all on my own and no matter the circumstances, I’m so happy to be doing it.

En route to the airport, we had a little I’m so glad you came/I’m so glad you asked me moment and then we carried on and had a seamless airport check-in experience and flight.

So, I left my beloved at home. I also left a few other things that I usually bring at home. My MacBook and my iPad, for example. I even found a way to travel with only two books which is UNHEARD OF for me. I know we’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us so I’m leaning into that and not worrying too much about the other stuff.

We landed safely in Chicago and took an airport shuttle (a legit feature that I’ve never used before, ????‍♀️) to the Westin O’Hare where we’ll spend one night before heading downtown.

It was already close to nine (local time – we’d lost two hours) when we arrived and we were both hungry. We headed downstairs to the Benchmark Gastropub for something to eat. We both opted for salmon dishes – mine came with succotash (until today, I’d only know the sufferin‘ kind – #myfirstsuccotash) and hers was the salad.

The hotel is quite nice and warm. And we found my new favourite in room perk: an aromatherapy roller! Now we’re about to go and put it to the test. ????

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Janet October 4, 2018 - 9:44 pm

An aromatherapy roller…nice touch!


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