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by Carly-Ann

The night before a trip, regardless of how long, I am usually doing things like watching tv, playing video games, reading or doing something equally distracting. Later on, I’ll finish up the laundry (or sometimes I even leave that until the morning – usually just the drying part) and haul a bag or suitcase out of the closet. Then I’ll start going through everything I own and packing about 30% more than I could ever need for the duration in a panic. This process has a snowball effect because I invariably go to bed later than I should and my wake up call the next morning is 1000x harder than it should be. On the day of, I’m exhausted in that way that leads to bad consumption choices and a grumpy start.

I swore it wasn’t going to be like that this time.

It kind of isn’t.

I’m promised I was going to be well slept and in good condition to enjoy the process as much as I do the destination.

I will be.

I am watching this week’s episode of This Is Us and occasionally checking hockey scores, listening to the dryer turning my last load of clothes around over and over and developing two game plans in my head:

  1. How to tackle everything I need to when I log into work in the morning
  2. What I’m going to pack for the weekend ahead

Fortunately, we’re getting a midday start so I’ll have a reasonable amount of time for both of those things, but that is my saving grace. And the sinus thing I had going on? It’s history now and I am SO ready for a little break.

What are your vacation preparation habits? Are you a super organized packer? Or do you do everything last minute, too?

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Lesley October 3, 2018 - 9:45 pm

I too pack more than I need, leave it until way too late even though I promise myself I’ll pack a few days in advance, go to bed way too late the night before (if at all) and arrive to the plane thankful all decisions are made and I have whatever I have…

Lex October 11, 2018 - 8:45 am

I pack the night before but make sure the laundry is done a few days before that. I am a crazy list maker so i usually have a few different lists. If it’s a run trip i have a list for what i need for the run, clothes to wear around and then toiletries and accessories. Everything but toiletries and phone charger gets packed the night before. My run gear always goes in my carry on just in case!
For vacation i follow the same rules basically, all the lists!


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