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by Carly-Ann

October 1st! Monday! New starts abound!

I’m still struggling with this headache a little, but I’ve decided to name it (with some help from Lesley) and I think it’s a teeny tiny sinus infection. I’m leaning hard on all my home remedies and crossing my fingers that I won’t need to see a doc before we leave for Chicago on Thursday. Alas, deadlines don’t wait for illness so I’m plowing ahead and even made a few breakthroughs that lessened some of the anxiety about the project.

God bless the friends who read something online then follow up with concerned text messages, even quoting you in case you try to brush it off. Cherished are the loved ones who use our own words against us. ???????? You know who you are. Thank you.

But it’s October and I believe we should always be looking forward. Besides, it’s pumpkin season! Hooray!

Goal setting is fun. It’s great motivation to sit down and hash out the things we want to do and fantasize about the roads that will take us there. When we talk about goals, we talk about money and career and real estate and competition, but we rarely talk about good, old-fashioned leisure. What I’ve found is that having some fun and light-hearted goals is a nice way to interrupt the monotony and drudgery of obligation. Month to month, I will publish a list of things I would like to do during the month ahead. Of course, this list doesn’t take the place of all of my standard goals related to health, wellness, money and spirituality, but I reserve the right to, in some cases, blur the lines.

things we’ll do this month: October 2018

So many things to look forward to this month!

  1. Chicago!
  2. Thanksgiving!
  3. BCLA AGM in Whistler!
  4. The first game in our Canucks ticket package!
  5. Captain Jack’s Treasure Run!
  6. Kevin’s birthday!

So many things I want to keep up with in the process and/or make happen in between the excitement.

  • Carve pumpkins
  • Make pumpkin puree
  • Bake a pumpkin pie with said pumpkin puree
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • Love my costume (instead of just picking out something last minute)
  • Find a yoga routine (that I want to stick to)
  • Every day letters

What are you looking forward to this month? What’s on your agenda?

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