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by Carly-Ann

Happy birthday to my Dad!

Why, yes, he IS touching the cake in an effort to keep it all to himself. No such luck since the rest of us knew it was from Trafiq. ????????

We had a nice night out with my folks tonight. My brother was working so he and his crew couldn’t join us. We kept it low-key and had dinner at their favourite Greek restaurant then went back to their place for cake. (The cake was all Kevin’s doing since I was at work today and he knocked it out of the park!)

We spent a few hours sitting in their living room and talking and laughing. When we left, Kevin commented that it had been a really enjoyable evening and he was totally right.

I get along well with both my parents. I love them deeply and I appreciate all that they’ve done for me in life.

My relationship with my Dad is largely built around sports and money and work and career. I trust his judgment thoroughly and I seek out his advice on the more practical aspects of my life.

I’m left standing around scratching my head when people talk about “daddy issues.” I don’t have nor do I understand them. There was, however, this one time…and he and everyone else in my family knows I will never let him live it down.

It was right around this time of year: Fall 2013. I’d just signed onto my first fantasy hockey pool (thanks Evey!)and been awarded first pick overall. I was thrilled, but at the same time, not understanding how fantasy hockey plays out, I was full of questions. I had three valued opinions I was considering: Kevin’s, my Dad’s and my friend Brad’s. (Yes, Nikki, your Brad. ????) Now, Kevin and Brad were in total agreement that Sidney Crosby was the only choice. My Dad thought otherwise. He said that Steven Stamkos was the way to go and he spoke to my sensibilities with his argument. For weeks leading up to the draft he’d say, “Crosby is soft. You can’t rely on him to play all season. Stamkos is a horse. He plays through all that stuff.”

In the last conversation we had before the draft, he said the same thing then he added (and I’ll never forget it, word for word): “watch – this will be the year he breaks his leg.”

⏩Two months or so later…⏩

I remember exactly where I was when I heard it.

And ever since then, my team in the family fantasy hockey pool has been:

And I will never forgive him. ????

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