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by Carly-Ann

You’d think that since I’ve been writing every day I’d have a better handle on what day it is. You might also think that based on the fact that some of my most significant roles are related to scheduling. In both cases, you’d be really wrong. Every single time I add a title to a draft, I have to check the date. And usually my hunch is wrong.

I’m on the verge of a few projects right now and I’m organizing the logistics. It’s really exciting and also a little daunting. I have good support in these projects, but I am almost completely responsible for ALL of the work. Luckily, I thrive in that. That said, I’m at the point that comes in very project, the point when it all seems impossible. Ah, project work. I remember when I started working on my first project and all the veterans were like, “project work SUCKS.” Me as Pollyanna, I thought they were crazy. I thought it was going to be amazing. Me ten years later knows that it is both sucky and amazing and I love it.

In some disappointing news, I recently learned that one of my favourite people in the company is leaving and it makes me really sad. I’m trying to be thankful for the time we had together and remember everything I learned. At the same time, I’m happy for her opportunity and am excited to keep in touch outside of our working relationship.

And speaking of people who have left the company, the most amazing thing happened to me today. I was sitting at my desk and thought of a dear friend who’d recently retired. So I sent a text to say so. Minutes later, I got a reply saying, “I was just saying this morning that I needed to reach out to you. Are you busy later?” Guess what? I wasn’t! And it make for the best, most impromptu dinner that turned into four hours of talking about everything under the sun. What a beautiful pick me up!

And here’s a picture of the white pumpkins I’m growing. The variety is called Super Moon and it’s from West Coast Seeds. ????????

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