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by Carly-Ann

A few days ago I made mention of us watching Making It on tv. It’s basically the crafting version of Master Chef or So You Think You Can Dance or, I guess, The Bachelor. Each week, a group of INCREDIBLY talented crafters are hosted by Any Poehler and Nick Offerman.

The shows are divided into two parts governed by the same or at least similar themes. It starts with something small (Faster Craft) and ends with something bigger (think sheds, wedding arches, stuff like that.)

We hadn’t realized it, but the series actually ended a couple of weeks ago. Kevin’s recovery from surgery today (he’s four teeth poorer, but otherwise fine) allowed us several hours of free time to catch up on the last three or four episodes and neither of us wanted it to end!

Never have I watched a show that made me feel so inspired and so creative. The makers who were featured used many everyday household items and turned them into the most beautiful and elaborate decorations.

As Nick Offerman said in the finale, there has never been a time when making something for someone by hand meant more. I wholeheartedly agree with him. Whether you write a letter or draw a picture or create something more elaborate, sharing something from your heart can be way more meaningful than anything else in the world.

Making It proves that a thousand times over. ????

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