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by Carly-Ann

It’s only three days in and it has already been an exhausting week.

Tomorrow, Kevin is getting his wisdom teeth taken out and I really wanted him to pick pizza for his last pre-surgery dinner, but he chose Thai food instead. Hmph.

I haven really been able to focus on anything because of his surgery this week and because I’ll be juggling working my two busiest days with worrying about and caring for him. I had mine taken out, but that was 20 years ago. I don’t really remember how bad it was and I was a lot younger then. Things change.

As a highlight, we’re cat sitting so it’s been fun to get to know a new feline friend. She’s pretty shy and for the first few days we didn’t even see her. On Monday, probably bored of being alone, she cane strutting right out and spent two hours walking all over me. It’s been more of the same ever since and today she literally ate it of my hand.

Other than that, I’ve been, as you can probably tell, a little blah. A schedule that is a little too busy. A brain that is a little too full.

So now I’m off to make some jello in preparation for the big day tomorrow. Wish Kevin luck!

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