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by Carly-Ann

Over the next twelve weeks, we’ll be away for at least half of the weekends plus a couple of days on either side of most of them. As much as I love travel, I also love being at home. I’m a serious introvert and I rely on that quiet time alone and in my own surroundings to recharge. I am able to recreate that on the road to some degree, but it isn’t always the same.

As we’ve approached this series of trips, I’ve started to worry about burning out without the opportunity to be at home. As soon as I thought about how I would remain grounded, I knew the only answer.


I know that the key to maintaining balance in the bustle of a lot travel and related action is to centre myself and to focus inward so I’ve started practicing my meditation in preparation.

There are a million resources out there to explain why you should try meditating. For me, it helps me to feel more present and in touch with myself. It also helps me reinvigorate and refresh. In anticipation of a busy fall, I’m investing in my future wellbeing.

If you need some step-by-step guidance, check out Calm or Headspace. They’re great apps that’ll get you started and explain what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

How do you maintain your health during busy times? What are your secrets for staying balanced while traveling?

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