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by Carly-Ann

A couple of years ago, I wrote this post about Labour Day, its roots and why it is a meaningful day to all of us. I’d urge you to read it through if you’re feeling like the holiday relates to nothing more than a long weekend, the end of summer vacation or a barbecue with friends.

I’ve started another monthly challenge on Instagram. This one is #SelfCareSeptember and is the creation of Laura E. Burns aka radicalbodylove. What’s the deal? There is a prompt for every day of the month and if you want to participate, you take that prompt and make it your own by sharing a post and a little more about what it means to you. Everyone can join in and it isn’t too late to start!

I joined in for a couple of reasons. One, I need to spread my focus when I comes to self-care. I can be a little too indulgent in some areas and neglect others so I welcome the diversity. Two, these challenges are basically the only things that can keep me active on Instagram. I don’t love the platform, but I want to learn to love it. Someday. Maybe.

Let me know if you join in sharing your September self-care!

Today’s prompt is meaningful connections and I wrote my post about my connection to my body. I mean, is there any more meaningful connection?

I was reminded of this when we hit the pavement for our first serious training run in a couple of months. After I’d realized that I plain old DO NOT LIKE running in the summer, I accepted that and decided to stop doing it. Easy as that.

The two month hiatus made this morning’s return to running a little scary and we decided to cap it off at a short 3km in order to avoid overdoing it. I’m glad we’d made a plan ahead of time because, to be completely honest, once I started, I felt like I wanted to run forever.

They always say that the start of every run is tough. Depending on who you’re talking to, they may say the first kilometre or the first mile, but the one that sticks with me is the first seven minutes. I think about that statement at the start of almost every single run I do, but if I’m honest I’ve found that it doesn’t last for a whole seven minutes. It’s like counting sheep – you know you start to do it, but eventually you stop and you don’t really know when.

Today was different. Today, I got to fast forward to the part that usually comes after the dwelling on the first seven minutes. I’d best describe it as The Zone. It’s when my body moves seamlessly and the movement just feels so natural. It’s effortless and the mantra that runs through my mind is always my body was made to do this. It’s heaven and the true reward for getting out there and moving and training and improving.

One last thing: fantasy football is keep sibling rivalry alive. ????

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