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by Carly-Ann

We went to see The Sandlot this morning. It was playing in the theatre just below our apartment. I’d never seen it before, but I’d promised my friend Hinda that someday I would. (It’s been 25 years since it first came out!) When we were looking for something to do yesterday, we discovered its 9am showtime today and figured why not?

What a cute movie. I don’t particularly enjoy films starring kids, but I did like when I get to watch camaraderie and compassion as it develops. There was plenty of that plus a good few life lessons in the midst of it.

I woke up this morning and I remembered something from my dreams. It wasn’t a specific detail or even a feeling, it was a number.


Note: imagine my surprise when I noticed that the number on Shorts’s house in The Sandlot was… 1556!

I remember that I’d woken up and scrambled for a pen beside my bed and then made a note of it on my notepad. Even in sleep, I’d recognized the significance of a number. In the dream, I *think* someone had told it to me and then handed me a slip of paper with the number on it, but I don’t know what it was related to.

I don’t actually know how much I believe in angel numbers, but I do find it a magical feeling when a number appears in random situation like a dream or even a day dream or when you start seeing the same number over and over.

This happened to us when we went on a road trip to Seattle earlier in the year. In both hotels we stayed in, we had the same room number, 302. Sure, that isn’t super spooky, but it is a funny coincidence. When I asked around to friends, Hayley came back with this:

I’ve know this number to be a sign that your angels are listening and providing guidance towards your higher purpose in life. A sign to pursue your passions and embrace who you are fully. An amazing confirmation number that to me says jump on into the deep end of your souls purpose…it’s time ????❤️

So, comparing the two, they have similar themes. Interesting.

We have our first fantasy football draft tonight and I’m a little excited about that. One, it means that football season is just around the corner (#RiseUp, baby!) and two, I always love an opportunity to make a game out of something.

Above all else, I am so glad this is a long weekend! How are you enjoying it?

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