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by Carly-Ann

This is what happens when your library closes for a week for renovations and doubles book loan periods.

What can I say? They wanted as many books out on loan as possible. I was just trying to help. ????????‍♀️

Your life is nothing more than the hundred million moments, mostly ordinary, of padding to the kitchen and getting a cup of tea and cooking oatmeal for your kids and sitting in traffic or at your computer. It all comes down to one breath and then another, one step and then the next.

From Geneen Roth’s This Messy Magnificent Life

It struck me as taking a little of the tedium out the, well, the tedious. The little things we do really are what make up most of our lives and they’re what make the bigger picture stuff possible.

Agree? Disagree?


I have a new phone. I was laying in my bed on Thursday night and a new phone literally dropped out of the sky and into my lap. Yes, as you may have guessed, Kevin was standing beside the bed, but everything I have said is true. And I have a new phone.

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to electronics. I want them to work and that’s about it. I don’t need fancy things, I’m not impressed with a high quality camera. If I can access social media, email, send a text, download a podcast, learn a language or two and maybe play a game once in a while, I’m happy. My intention is always to use the equipment I have until I can’t use it anymore. This is where Kevin steps in. With both this phone and the one I’m giving up, he’d tired of (*listening to*) my frustrations with each’s predecessor. They got old. I didn’t manage the storage well. The battery life was dwindling.

Of course, having a new phone is great, HOWEVER, it is also a lot of work. And I mean a LOT. I always tackle a new phone like it’s a fresh start. I don’t share anything from the old one, I start anew. I carefully assess whether I need all the apps I had collected over the years and that’s when I cull my address book for names and numbers that may no longer be relevant in my life. I know that there are ways to just port everything from one device to another, but I see it as an opportunity to do an online cleanse or a digital declutter.

Still, so much work.

How do you tackle a new phone or other device – do you start fresh or replicate as much as you possibly can?

And what’s on your bookshelf at the moment? (Though it isn’t like I need the recommendations!)

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