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by Carly-Ann

People fantasize about strange things sometimes. Here’s my confession: for a long time, I fantasized about spending weekend mornings in a coffee shop with my partner, each of us reading our own choice of books. Finally, my dream has come true!

When Jimmy Fallon announced The Tonight Show Summer Reads Book Club and unveiled the candidates for reading, we listened closely and then each voted diligently for the title we thought would be best. I was enticed by The Immortalists (which I just read and LOVED) and Kevin said that if the virtual book club chose Providence, then he would read along, too. Oh, how I wanted Providence to win. Voters chose neither, but a few weeks later, while perusing the new arrivals over at NWPL, I recognized the cover of Kevin’s promised read and figured taking it home would be worth a shot. After it sat untouched for a few days, I decided to pick it up because I hadn’t hated the synopsis either. As it turned out, I loved the book. I devoured it. I also knew with the turn of every page that it was a story that Kevin could enjoy. I encouraged him to read it, but he’d mostly given up books since before we met. Imagine my surprise when once I was done, he picked up the book and read through it even more voraciously than I had! He read most of it in a two day sitting and then mostly waited until his next day off to finish it. He even finally understands what I mean when I say that I want to finish a book, but I don’t. That’s the mark of a true reader!

So, we’ve been able to spend the last two Saturdays doing exactly what I’d always dreamed of doing: reading. Separately and together. And I’ve loved it.

Other highlights from yesterday:

Adriene Mischler aka Yoga with Adriene announced this week that she is working on a project called Yoga For All. It’s designed to, you guessed it, “bring yoga to ALL people, especially those who need it the most and might get it the least.” I am head over heels. It kicks off with a FREE 14-day series starting on September 10th and you can sign up now.

Two things I hear most often related to yoga practice:

  1. “I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but I’m afraid to do it in a class where everybody is more experienced/flexible/in shape than me.”
  2. “I love yoga, but I can never make it to classes because of my busy schedule.”

This opportunity solves all that! Sign up here and we can do it together, (but still separately. ????)

Happy Sunday, friends!

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