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by Carly-Ann

This is by Mari Andrew and it was posted on Instagram. I relate to it so much and it’s speaking to me so clearly right now. ????????

I do this thing where I feel like the timing always needs to be perfect before I can commit. I need the exact level of quiet, all the right snacks to look forward to and I definitely need to surround myself with the best stationery support – a great notebook and pens, probably in many colours. Perfecting settings is my personal brand of procrastination, but, hey, it works.

Maybe the itch to write more is something that happens when you’re already writing a lot. Whether it’s that or something else entirely, I’ve been feeling pretty strong urges to spend more and more time with words and that is such a good and invigorating thing. It means reading obsessively and writing the rest of the time. I love it. The one thing that I’ve found is missing is that I’m not sharing any of the projects I’m working on and I am feeling really drawn to changing that.

So, I decided that I’m going to write here every day and, more importantly, I’m also going to hit PUBLISH every day, too. I hit a road block in my head because I feel like every post need to have a point and a story and a something I’m not giving it when, I mean, really? It’s a blog for crying out loud. And it’s MY blog. And further, what’s the advice I always give to others when they’re stumped: just do it.

I’ve struggled with writing over the years – not the act of it – that is an ability that will always be with me, but with the tangibility of it, maybe? When people talk about passions, I feel exempt from the discussion because I always identify as not having one. Truth is, I am always reluctant to acknowledge and/or accept that my passion is and always has been writing. It’s like it isn’t as meaningful as an athlete’s passion or a musician’s passion or literally anything else that someone can be passionate about and this is in spite of the fact that I feel a great deal of reverence toward people I know or know of who are also passionate about the same thing. I never really thought I had inferiority feelings. Well, lo and behold – blog therapy.

What to expect in the 6oooth incarnation of my blog space? A lot more about random things – what I’m loving, what I’m doing, where I’m going. Little stories, snippets of things that I have some words around. Thoughts. Actions. Ideas. We’ll establish the practice of writing and then we’ll go from there. And I finally found a title method that gets me off the hook for coming up with something witty/cute/enticing. Hooray!

Is it easy for you to identify your passions and/or talents? When you struggle, how do you pick yourself up and keep moving forward? How do you refill your cup?

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