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Restoring faith in human nature

by Carly-Ann

I saw this tweet the other day and it so perfectly articulated something I only kind of even knew that I wanted to say myself.

Something happens to me when I’m around a finish line – as a runner and as a spectator – it’s just an incredibly emotional experience. People are achieving their greatest goals, smashing their personal bests, successfully proving that an injury wouldn’t keep them down or just completing a challenge that they weren’t quite sure they ever would or could. They’re also mentally and physically challenged and exhausted, sometimes beyond their abilities or mourning the fact that their bodies let them down. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that finishing is an achievement of its own.

This morning, we got the privilege of tuning in to watch the results as a friend took part in her second Boston Marathon. Even though we could only watch her initials moving across the map and her time ticking on the clock, it was still as exciting as if we’d been there. And, yes, I cried – from my home office 5104km away – when she crossed the finish line.

It’s true that you’ll see a really beautiful side of people if you go hang out at the finish line – or any area of a race, really. The human instinct to support and cheer for others is a truly wonderful thing to watch.

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