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Things we’ll do this month: February

by Carly-Ann

I’m really excited that one of my favourite months is here, but I am also feeling a little resistant to the backlash that poor January has been receiving. I mean, come on, guys. January brought you a whole new year. That can’t be all bad. And while it has certainly felt like it’s gone slow, at the same time, I haven’t even had a chance to hang up the most beautiful calendar I’ve ever owned, so that story doesn’t totally line up. It’s just a month like any other, only darker and a little more dreary and let’s remember that dreary is pretty good for curling up with a good book, movie or tv show.

I had to take yesterday offline. I just couldn’t deal with #BellLetsTalk day again. Now, don’t get me wrong, I ADORE the initiative. What leaves a bad taste in my mouth? Watching people who act like insensitive, rude bullies the rest of the year using a hashtag one, ten, a thousand times in one day. Does this absolve them of all the wrong they are doing on all the other days? Not in my thinking and I just can’t deal with the hypocrisy. But kudos to all y’all who did the job and raised the money/awareness. Six million dollars is pretty impressive!

But let’s talk about February. No more pressure of making (or keeping) resolutions. Candy, hearts and red things everywhere. There’s kind of a lot going on.

Things like:

  • The Super Bowl (although it’s kind of a snore this year) – the 4th
  • This Is Us – we are finally going find out about Jack’s death and on his personal high holiday, no less (I don’t know about you, but I live in constant fear that Milo Ventimiglia  will disappear from the show) – the 4th
  • Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Pancake Day – the 13th
  • Valentine’s Day – the 14th
  • Chinese New Year & The Year of the Dog – the 16th

For each and every one of those things I have at least a small celebration planned and that makes me really happy. And to add to those fun events, here are the tasks that I/we have got on my/our agenda this month:

  • Skincare. I am not very good at this. At all. And I looked at my skin in some horrifyingly honest light at work today and decided that I want to get a lot more serious about this.
  • Road trip. We are headed to the Seattle area for our first organized run of the year. I have dropped the ball on training so I’m moving from a longer race to a shorter one because A. it’s easier and B. I really want to love the My Better Half event and undue anguish might interfere with that.
  • Writing. Online. Offline, Publicly. Privately. Owning some of my words. Setting others free.
  • Total Divas. And maybe even Total Bellas. Don’t judge.

What’s keeping you busy this month? Have you set any goals for the month of February?

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