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Things we’ll do this month: July

by Carly-Ann

July. That means we’re over the hump for 2017. We’re closer to the end of the year than we are to the start of it. Now would be a great time to check in on New Year’s resolutions and see how they’re coming along, maybe change your strategy or focus to finish strong. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, but I’m always a fan of looking back in reflection and looking forward in anticipation.

What have the first six months of 2017 meant to me?

Hmm. The period beginning in January and ending in June wasn’t one of a lot of action, really. I spent a lot of time being quiet and focusing inwardly. I’ve been occupying myself with self improvements projects and started reserving time for expanding some new and old interests. (More to come on those…) We moved and, in hindsight, our new place has been a life changer for us. We have changed a lot of our habits for the better – becoming more active and more selective in the things we do, see, eat and how and with whom we spend our time. My amazing astrologer calls the current period in my overall chart, “the most balsamic of balsamic stages” and, whoa, can I feel that. (In astrology, balsamic refers to the few days leading up to a new moon when spirit and vitality are being replenished in time for starting new projects.) With a few more months of that in my future, I’m working on embracing that downtime and continuing the slow and personal projects.

Things we’ll do in july

  • Vegas, baby! (Here’s a bit about our last trip…)
  • Spend more time on Instagram
  • Make summer canning plans
  • Run 40km
  • 310000 steps in the month
  • Host a barbecue
  • Get serious about our wedding (again)
  • Fill photo frames and hang artwork
  • Start a journaling practice
  • Find races in August, November and January (all the other months are booked)
  • Ride our bikes
  • Swim outdoors (lake, ocean, river, puddle, whatever)
  • Plan a quick August getaway

What will you be doing this month? What kind of goals are you tackling over the final half of the year?

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allison July 4, 2017 - 7:46 am

May and June were so busy that I am looking forward to the summer Fridays and downtime in July. Looking forward to reading on the patio and a lot of iced coffee.


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