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by Carly-Ann

I see it all the time. People go to great lengths to change their lives and especially their eating habits and then there they are in the lunchroom at work munching on their super health-conscious lunch out of a flimsy department store plastic container. They worked so hard on their diet and then they do a huge disservice not only to themselves, but also to their beautiful meals!

A quick Google search will reveal pretty clearly that the debate about the safety of plastic for food storage is alive and well with arguments being made on both sides. For us, I decided long ago that it just wasn’t worth the gamble. When it doubt, I opt for safety.

When I first encountered Infinity Jars, I had already ridded our house of plastic storage containers, but we were mostly just using repurposed glass containers with a few store bought glass lunch dishes thrown into the mix. It had dawned on me then that for the amount of time and energy we put into choosing our foods and then cooking them carefully, we spent next to none of our resources considering the quality of the places we stored them all.

Reusing glass jars is great, but it isn’t a perfect system. Sometimes the seal isn’t quite right or the size doesn’t work well with what you’re storing and little did I know that there was a better option than plain old clear glass.

What sets Infinity Jars apart from other jars is their deep violet glass. At first glance, they look almost black, but when you hold them up to the light, you can see their beautiful purple colour. This glass filters out harmful visible light while still allowing the beneficial infrared and UV-A rays to preserve contents and extend shelf life. The result is a container that keeps your products fresher for longer. Read more about the science behind Infinity Jars. Pay special attention to their seven month tomato test. You’ll be astounded!

Infinity Jars are guaranteed to:

  • Have an airtight seal
  • Be leak-proof, scent-proof
  • Provide ultra-violet filtering
  • Preserve and rejuvenate freshness

Infinity Jars didn’t compensate me for this review, but they did offer me my choice of jars to try. I went with a 15ml Pocketsize Glass Jar, a 30 ml Glass Screw Top Jar and a 500 ml Glass Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar. I’ve been using all three for the last two months and I’m really happy with them all. Here are a few of the uses they’ve had so far:

15 ml Pocketsize

  • Coconut oil for my lips and my skin
  • Body oil and lotion
  • Vitamins and supplements

30 ml Screw Top

  • Almonds and other nuts for on the go snacking
  • Dried spice storage
  • Single servings of protein powder, greens, pre workout energizer, etc.

500 ml Wide Mouth

  • Loose tea
  • Fresh herbs
  • Homemade salad dressing

Infinity Jars offer more than 70 styles including jars, rollers, sprays, essential oil bottles, round and square bottles and this piece that’s at the top of my wish list, apothecary jars.

Head over to the Infinity Jars website and learn how you can extend the shelf-life of your favourite products while preserving their freshness, too. Check out their products and take advantage of some of their spring savings including free jars with purchase and 15% off orders of $150 or more.

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