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Writing is great, but living is better

by Carly-Ann

Someday I’ll have a high ceilinged stairwell where I’ll hang mixed and matched chandeliers.

For today, I had life, laughter, love AND:

  • A road trip from our house to Seattle then back to Bothell for the night
  • A fantastic time at our first ever Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Health Expo
  • A beautiful room in a gorgeous hotel
  • A delicious halibut dinner and the joy of watching Kevin discover that caesar salad is made with anchovies
  • A sneak peek into the Chris Walla room here at Anderson School (the school from which he graduated) – I even teared up a little after reading some quotes following this in his bio
  • An after dinner swim in a heated pool followed by a walk around the neighbourhood

In other words: too busy living to write.

Hope your Friday has been fabulous, too! ????

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