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We already know that there is a day to celebrate everything so Global Running Day is no surprise. To celebrate, my inbox had exploded with running related promotions this before I’d even gotten out of bed this morning. Lots of race deals and giveaways and all kinds of fun. Yay!

We kicked off Kevin's birthday celebrations with a run. What better way to start a new year?

In the past year especially, running has become a big part of our lives.. Most of our weeks are structured in response to when we want to and can run. It has been a game changer for us in many ways and, remarkably, it’s even turned us into morning people. I never thought I would go to bed excited to be getting up at 5am, but I often do on the night before a run. In fact, most days, I’m very aware of exactly how long I am waiting until our next run is scheduled

I never saw any of that coming.

When we first got serious about it, I struggled with shin splints and finding the right shoes to wear on my runs. Let’s just say that I had some bad guidance. Ever since I got things straightened out (and I am eternally grateful to our friend Tyson for his help with that) it’s been smooth sailing. Aside from a few month hiatus after Vancouver streets turned into an arctic terrain and we struggled to get our groove back after the thaw, we’ve been pretty dedicated to our schedule. Heck, we even took our running routine on vacation to Florida last November and we have plans to do at least a couple of destination run trips later this year.

If I can't be running, I might aw well be reading about it

It’s hard work and I have to talk myself into digging deeper all the time, but the reward is so worth it. Our fitness levels have improved along with our confidence, ability and general well being. I know running isn’t for everyone and it may not be for us forever, but for now, we are all a perfect fit.

As for Global Running Day, I found all the posts and pictures and celebrations super inspiring. I like being a part of a community that reaches all around the world.

When it comes to sales, this Rock’n’Roll Marathon deal is about the best one I saw today.

Note: We didn’t get to run today and I was pretty bummed about that, but it’s mostly because we have a big run planned for Friday and we needed a couple days off in advance of it. Wish us luck!

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