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Last August, I started to publish a list of things we’ll do this month in an attempt to mix a little fun and adventure into our boring old to do list. We spend so much time at work and sometimes it feels like we spend the rest of our time running errands and shopping for groceries, taking out the trash and folding the laundry. I thought that if I had some entertaining tasks on my list, it would make pleasure a higher priority and separate work from play.

April feels like a lifetime ago, but it’s fun to look in the rearview mirror and remember the fun we had. Here’s a report card on the things that were on my list of intentions at the start of last month.

  • Talk about version two of our wedding and *try to* come up with an answer for everyone’s second question: so, what are you going to do now? (Their first is: “is everything okay???” – I barely got a post about version one written so this was definitely a no go.
  • Carve my soapstone bear (Barb, you are on my agenda!) – I got so close! but now I feel like just giving up.
  • Plan my summer gardens (Three this year – our balcony garden, my remote garden and our garden plot at the apartment!) One is well underway. The other two are questionable at this point.
  • Plant seeds – Tons. As usual, way more than I will need for my balcony. Interested? Let me know!
  • Hang all of our artwork – Nada.
  • Fill all of our picture frames (Am I the only one who is terrible at printing photos in this digital age?!?) – I had such great intentions and even started on them, but never followed through. Hmph.
  • Host an Easter celebration Yesssssssssss!
  • Plan a trip to watch baseball – Not *yet*
  • Meal plan – Nope
  • Go hiking – I thought we did, but I can’t find any proof!

Here are some things we DID get done.

What made April special for you? 

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