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If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen tweets and retweets from me getting all excited about the Sweet Progress Box Swap. Even before I could participate, I was enthusiastic about getting others involved. I mean, honestly, what’s better than happy mail?

Organized by and for bloggers to connect and get to know one another, the Sweet Progress Box Swap is hosted by Dean from Mrs AOK, A Work in Progress and Ashley from Happy. Pretty. Sweet. A few weeks ago, we were all matched up with another blogger and told little more than our partner’s favourite colour and email address. From there, we were to get acquainted, learn more about one another and, of course, exchange addresses.

As I mentioned above, I wasn’t always able to participate. A few swaps back, the exchange was limited to only those bloggers living in the US. I was thrilled to discover that this one was open to Canadians as well (thank you, Dean & Ashley!!!) and I was so lucky that I found out the night before the cut-off! Phew!

I was paired up with Dean, one of the hosts. We’d already followed each other on Twitter before we were exchange partners and I’d visited her blog a couple of times, but being paired up with her gave me the opportunity to explore her site even more. This “30 Something Mama to Three, Wifey to One” blogs about her life including large doses of creative projects and one of my favourite topics – positivity. She has a really great, fun and upbeat vibe and I’m really thankful I got the chance to get to know her better. Check out her Instagram and also her Etsy store!

We exchanged a few get to know you emails and then we filled our boxes. They went into the mail and we crossed our fingers that both packages would make it to their destinations safely and on time. Borders and customs have a tendency to interfere with things. And even though we found out we actually live quite close to one another, that didn’t mean that the postal system was going to make it easy on us.

With reveal day (today!) looming, we exchanged messages last night and I shared the sad news that there’d been no sign of my box yet. Lo and behold, what showed up just after I got home?!? You bet. It was my very first Sweet Progress Swap Box!

Take a look at what was inside!

This was the first look I got at everything inside the box, but first glance made me even more excited than the anticipation of receiving the mystery box had! A beautiful notebook, a gorgeously labeled card (I’m not going to lie to you – I’ve already put it in a frame in my office) and a water bottle filled to the brim with goodies! This is exactly the style of gift giving (and receiving) I love, remember?!?

Let’s take a closer look.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • I CAN. I WILL. I DID. water bottle
  • the springiest of spring looking lined (YES!) notebooks
  • adorable bracelet x2
  • instant coconut water, you guys!
  • flower seeds – I’d spilled to her that I was super into gardening
  • a mix of many (way more than pictured above) delicious chocolates that are locally (to her) made
  • the most convenient little Tiger Balm ever – it would fit in any pocket ever made!
  • Lindt – hold your hats – Hello, My Name is SWEET POPCORN bar *swoon*
  • hugs & kisses rubber stamp
  • glittery pink nailpolish
  • stickers – but not just any stickers – emoji stickers, yes, but even cooler are – check out the stickers that are a blank woman’s face with beautifully drawn braided hair – SHE DREW THAT IMAGE

So, needless to say, I am thrilled that I was finally let into the Sweet Progress Box Swap and that I am so happy I got the amazing partner that I did. Thank you for everything, Dean! Your box was full of delightful surprises and wonderful treasures!

To check out the box I sent to Dean and to find links to the other reveals, visit Dean’s post. If you want to join us next time, follow Dean and Ashley on Twitter or tell me and I’ll make sure I let you know in time for the summer swap! 🙂

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Echo May 5, 2017 - 5:30 pm

Such a great box of goodies! I love Dean, she is super amazing! I am so glad that her and Ashley put together this swap!

Dean May 6, 2017 - 9:53 am

Oh my goodness are you the sweetest ever!?!?! Thank you so much for your kind words. It was such a pleasure swapping with you. I’m so VERY glad the box made it and in one piece. 🙂
My daughter (the 11 yo) and I had the toughest time picking out your water bottle, because they were all so good. There was even one that said “A Work In Progress” 🙂

Thank you again for being my partner and such a wonderful partner. Also thank you for helping us with the mentions on social media, we appreciate it.

Dean May 6, 2017 - 9:57 am

I should also mention I made you a spring-ish watercolor painting, but I hated it, so it didn’t make the cut. I may try again. 🙂

Mary May 7, 2017 - 9:31 am

I love this box swap!! the “I can, I will, I did” water bottle is awesome and I love that nail color.

Akaleistar May 8, 2017 - 5:43 pm

What a fun package! The Lindt popcorn bar sounds amazing 🙂

Sonya May 10, 2017 - 10:48 am

I’m loving all the things Dean sent you. I didn’t even know instant coconut water existed. I totally want to try it.

Lowanda J May 13, 2017 - 5:23 pm

Loving everything you got in your box! Dean really selected some nice things! And instant coconut water?? Humhhh…


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