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Well, April, we’re holding out some pretty high hopes for you. You should be the long-awaited beginning of spring. You should bring the first signs of hope warmer weather and brighter days. So far, you’ve only brought the famous showers that you are known for, but if we could get an advance on the May flowers they purportedly bring, that would be fantastic.

April is mostly a recovery month for us. Recovery from moving and recovery via unpacking and setting up our new living space. We have a trip planned towards the end of the month, but it is a bit shrouded in uncertainty as we may or may not take it. Originally, it was planned to be a weekend that we spent with my folks and with my matron of honour and her family exploring the details of our wedding plus an overnight in our favourite old west feeling railroad town. Since we cancelled that whole thing, we haven’t really talked about whether we should/will still go. I’m a vote in favour, but I am always a vote in favour for any night away anywhere.

We were supposed to have house guests last weekend, but we didn’t really get everything around the house organized and all (or even most of) the boxes unpacked. (I did find the screws for the guest bed, though, so we made progress this week!) We missed getting to have them stay here (they stayed downtown instead) but we did get a chance to have a quick visit over a Canucks game and dinner.

Goal setting is fun. It’s great motivation to sit down and hash out the things we want to do and fantasize about the roads that will take us there. When we talk about goals, we talk about money and career and real estate and competition, but we rarely talk about good, old-fashioned leisure. Every month, I am going to publish a list of things I would like to do during the month ahead. Of course, this list doesn’t take the place of all of my standard goals related to health, wellness, money and spirituality, but I reserve the right to, in some cases, blur the lines.

In April, we will…

  • Talk about version two of our wedding and *try to* come up with an answer for everyone’s second question: so, what are you going to do now? (Their first is: “is everything okay???”
  • Carve my soapstone bear (Barb, you are on my agenda!)
  • Plan my summer gardens (Three this year – our balcony garden, my remote garden and our garden plot at the apartment!)
  • Plant seeds
  • Hang all of our artwork
  • Fill all of our picture frames (Am I the only one who is terrible at printing photos in this digital age?!?)
  • Host an Easter celebration
  • Plan a trip to watch baseball
  • Meal plan
  • Go hiking

What’s on your calendar for April? What fun adventures will you take this month?

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allison April 10, 2017 - 7:05 am

Haha, I actually love and have printed so many photos that I have seasonal ones and change up my frames for mountain photos that are best in spring/summer, fall, and winter. I really, really downsized personal photos with my last move though. I just need to get my desk here from London and then it’ll be all done…1 more week! Your view looks amazing.

I vote yes to the trip – nights away are good for the soul. And it’s a nice little celebration still; no you’re not getting married at that location but you made a hard decision that works better for you both, and isn’t that also worth celebrating?

Good luck with all the rest of it – sounds fun. I’m hoping to plant a few things in balcony baskets/pots this year, too. The first time ever. I kill everything. But we can’t really plant here till end of May


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