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#minsgame – week two

by Carly-Ann

One hundred and eight more items were pitched out our doors this week. That’s 136 things in total. It’s day sixteen and as the numbers rise so does the challenge of the game.

This week (plus a few days) I got rid of books, DVDs, dishes, booze, pillows, towels, stationery and other miscellaneous pieces. We sent donations to Wildlife Rescue, BCSPCA Thrift Store, Burnaby Public Library (I wanted to donate to New West’s, but their donation process is just too restrictive and I couldn’t wait for a date), to friends and to service locations on the Downtown Eastside. We also made a few undocumented (by that I mean in addition to each day’s collection) “donations” to the garbage and recycling.

These numbers are still small enough that they’re manageable. We’re also at an advantage of having the motivation of the challenge AND our impending move as extra motivation. That do I really want to put in all the energy of packing and carrying this item all the way over to another place way factor is helpful to say the least. Now that our place has been shown and we can really start to tear everything down, I expect that we’ll start seeing even more *stuff* that can go. At least I hope so…

Do you ever go on clutter clearing binges? What are your best tips for not collecting too much *stuff*? Are you more minimalist or pack rat?

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Amy Humble February 16, 2017 - 7:48 pm

Today I threw out makeup I never use and brushes. Oh sweet glorious awesomeness!


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