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This work week was a beast. A real brutal beast. It finished with a fifteen-hour day on Friday and a few hours in the office on Saturday – something I almost never do, but it was unavoidable. That was mostly okay, though, since we were displaced from our apartment for the day anyway because it was being shown to potential new renters (last minute preparation for which was sandwiched in between my 10pm arrival at home on Friday and our trip out to board the cats – thank you to our wonderful vet clinic – first thing in the morning.) Brutal beast. Thankfully Kevin picked up my slack.

He wanted six of these

On the upside: very quiet time in the office – only two people even knew I was there, quick visits with these work friends I never get a chance to really see like normal people because it’s always just work otherwise, a defined out time that allowed me enough opportunity to clear up what was really pressing, but didn’t allow me any leeway when it came to staying longer because I really could have stayed all day and still not caught up…

Something about my personality allows me to (mostly) leave the office behind. Once I walk out the door, I am OUT THE DOOR. I don’t take work home with me or dwell on my task list when I’m not there. (That isn’t to say I don’t catch myself working through creative solutions at random moments when my mind wanders – that totally happens.) I am pretty good at keeping my day job and my life separate.

Polka dot dishes!

So, once Kevin picked me up from the office, we were off to the day’s main event: creating a gift registry! We have signed up for a couple of these and this was the first. We arrived at Bed Bath and Beyond perfectly on time (though I was STARVING) and they were (mostly) prepared for our appointment. It was quite simple – they confirmed our information (we did our first address change!) and handed the scanner over to Kevin. For a couple of hours, we wandered the store and in the end, we scanned about thirty items in total. That was definitely a success considering the only thing I had in mind before we got there was a new set of measuring cups. (But, hey, while I have you I need to choose between food processors – this 7-cup pro model or this 8-cup elemental model? I just know you’re going to have an answer for this one, Lexie. 😉 ) It was a delicate balance between envisioning adding all that cool stuff into our collections and contemplating all the work we have been doing towards decluttering and minimizing. But we had a good time, lots of laughs, agreed on almost everything and went for really good pizza when we were done. 🙂

It’s amazing that the snow that sidelined our trip and caused utter chaos everywhere last weekend is all but a distant memory now. Someone had rolled up balls of snow that were at least as tall as me and even they have melted to almost nothing.

Reading has been my passion these past few days. It’s been all I want to do. If you want to know what I’m reading (spoiler: EVERYTHING), let’s connect on Goodreads.

I also republished this summary of our trip to Las Vegas after I was reminded that it was at exactly this time last year. That was such a fun trip. <3

Today, we’re going to do another registry and fill the rest of the day with one of my favourite things of all – wandering. Also, tomorrow is Family Day here in BC so, YAY, long weekend!

What has been/will be on your agenda this weekend?

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