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Okay, this probably isn’t the dumbest thing, but it’s the dumbest that I can remember and am I’m willing to admit to right now.

Today, I googled how to run on a treadmill.

I stand by the legitimacy of my question because I’m an outdoor runner. Or at least I was until all this stupid snow took over. I know that it’s technically possible to run outside right now – I am enthralled by the stories friends are telling of their wintery adventures on the roads or trails – but I am TERRIFIED.

Runners, which do you prefer? Running inside or outside?

Struggling through shin splints and  finding the right shoe last fall was TREACHEROUS. I was in pain/sidelined for a few weeks and it was a real disappointment every single day. I don’t want to end up with an injury especially since I’m wanting to start some serious training soon.

So, now I’m doing something I swore I would never do – learning to run on a treadmill.

I’m scared and I’m sad. Scared – I mean how exactly do you run on a treadmill…for an extended period…without anything to look at…and no breeze? Sad – I love running outside.

It’s a temporary fix, of course, but I’ve started to think of the benefits as well. I’m a terrible pacer so I’m hoping to learn a thing or two about how to keep myself from taking off too quickly or slowing down too much when I shouldn’t. I don’t have to worry about the weather or having a companion when it’s dark (which still feels like practically all the time…)

If you’re interested in learning the same, here’s a great list of 12 Tips for Treadmill Running I found online.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever had to google? Do you have any tips for running on a treadmill? Do you even understand why it might freak me out?

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