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One month (plus a day) into 2017.

Yes, already.


January started in my most favourite way. With Amy (and our significant others, too.) The last thing I did in 2016 was dance with Tyson who, as it turns out, LOVES (!!!) Nelly. The first thing I did in 2017 was kiss Kevin. So much love for our little Trash Panda crew! <3

Miss y’all so, so much!

Then I got sick.

And they left town.

I’m not going to lie, I tried really hard not to dwell on that adage I once heard that, “the way you start the year is the way you’ll end it.” Instead, I shifted to thinking that I was simply getting the worst of the year out of the way and making the way for nothing but the good in life.

I missed a whole week of work – or maybe it was a week and a half. It’s a blur.

But, life went on.

Things we didn’t do in January: run (like, at all – not even for a bus…), make vision boards. We had to cancel our plans to fly back east to spend time with Kevin’s dad for his 70th birthday so that was a real bummer…but we’re moving and planning a wedding and probably a reception for our eastern loved ones later on this year and maybe another one for our western friends and family, too. Balance. Good with the bad.

My football team made it all the way to the Super Bowl! Yay!

My favourite hockey player got traded! Boo!

Things we did do:

  • Booked our wedding date, place and (mostly) time
  • Sent out Save the Date notices (much to the bewilderment of our nearest and dearest old-schoolers)
  • I bought my wedding dress with the help of my mom, aunt and distant matron of honour <3
  • Spent another great weekend with Julie – snowshoeing, wedding showing and hockey cheering
  • Attended three lovely organized dinners: one appreciation dinner for my job, Corrine‘s birthday & Keith‘s birthday
  • Found an amazing new place to live!

That’s our new building on the right!

I read: Born for This & Things I Talk About When I Talk About Running

I watched: Mistresses – all of it, Unreal – season two, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – season three & just started Veep

So? What about you? What happened in January? How’s 2017 treating you so far?

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