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November was a whirlwind. (And based on how late this post is, it’s safe to say that December has carried on that way, too!) Though we were only away for seven days of it, that trip felt like it accounted for most of the month.


Knowing we’d be away, I kept November’s list of fun and enjoyable things to do short.

  • Orlando! – this we did!
  • Run 40 km (this would be 50, but since we’re away for a week…) – we didn’t run as much as we would have at home while we were away and I had to push it in the last few days of the month, but I pulled it off!
  • Lay off the coff(ee) – not so much
  • Pull the trigger and book a wedding date/location (we’re so close) – just waiting on a few tiny pieces of information about major life events that may or may not take place in the new year – still, SO close!
  • Celebrate second (aka American) Thanksgiving – ✔️
  • Check out Circle Craft Christmas Market – did not
  • Make/organize Christmas cards & gifts that need to be mailed out – 50/50
  • Start (maybe even finish?) a new knitting project – no


November was really a lot of fun and our trip to Orlando really boosted that vibe. We are lucky in that we get to travel pretty frequently, but it’s actually a rare opportunity for us to go someplace that neither of us have ever been (at adults, anyway – Kevin visited Orlando a few times as a kid) and to have time to choose what we do and just explore (we often build our travel around an event whose itinerary takes over.)

So, we went to Orlando and I blogged about it every day. Here are the links:

  • Day one: travel via Dallas
  • Day two: getting our bearings, checking into my conference, opening night dinner
  • Day three: conference, dinner at Universal City Walk
  • Day four: WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER (and a little  bit of conference)
  • Day five: conference wrap up, new hotel
  • Day six: Solar Bears hockey, downtown Orlando, WWE
  • Day seven: Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Ron Jon’s
  • Day eight: Travel home via Ottawa AND Toronto

What will you remember about this past November?



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