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Well, well, well, another month gone and another  <SPOILER ALERT> bad report card for me.

Beginning in August, I started publishing a monthly list of things that we’d like to do for enjoyment and to make our lives happier. Here is a link to my list for October.

image-1-3This is one of my favourite photos from this year

  • Journal every day – I can’t even believe I put this here. Ha! No.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch – In my defense, Kevin worked nearly every weekend, so…
  • Make pumpkin puree – Not yet! But I will!
  • Write Thanksgiving gratitude notes and letters – I had such great intentions…
  • Plan trip to Orlando – Now, this, I did! Nine more days…
  • Plant garlic – Yup!
  • Walk the Seawall – At one point, I was going to enter a 10k that followed the Seawall on a whim…but I didn’t.
  • Do a ghost tour – Nope.
  • Make and send Hallowe’en cards – I made about six little goodie bags, but no cards. 🙁
  • Birthday celebration for Kevin – YES! his favourite restaurant, his favourite cake and a haunted house!
  • Host a dinner party – No.
  • Have a games night – Not even close.
  • Go to the pool every week – Didn’t go once.
  • Move table and buffet into the apartment – Almost!


In lieu of all that, here is what we DID do.


Also, I discovered Harry Potter – mostly as research for our upcoming trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we watched some wonderfully terrible horror movies in honour of Hallowe’en and I’m happy to no longer have to pretend that I care about baseball because it is (finally) over and hockey is back.

What were your October highlights? Did you have a happy Thanksgiving? Dress up for Hallowe’en? What surprises came your way?

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