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November is my favourite. I love November. With no major holiday or theme to it, it’s largely a blank slate – it could be anything and the possibilities are endless. The unknown, change, uncertainty: that’s my jam.


But, I’m a day late with this post. Mostly because I was doing November things (eating sushi and reading Harry Potter) and also stalling because I needed a few extra hours to think about what I want to do this month.

Here goes!

  • Orlando!
  • Run 40 km (this would be 50, but since we’re away for a week…)
  • Lay off the coff(ee)
  • Pull the trigger and book a wedding date/location (we’re so close)
  • Celebrate second (aka American) Thanksgiving
  • Check out Circle Craft Christmas Market
  • Make/organize Christmas cards & gifts that need to be mailed out
  • Start (maybe even finish?) a new knitting project

This list is a little shorter than the others, but so is this month. Also, I’m completely distracted by books. For the first time in years, they’re all I think about.

What’s on the docket for your November? Will you try something new? Work towards a new goal? Wrap up a few of the things you said you’d do in 2016?

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Evey November 7, 2016 - 11:26 am

I like this idea of making lists of what I want to do/accomplish each month. Great idea! Stay tuned. I DEFINITELY need to get on the Christmas card/gift train. I’m always so behind. Maybe this year will be different.


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