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All week, I’ve been on pins and needles. I’ve been a high intensity mixture of anxiety and excitement and none of it is rightfully even mine.

Our dear friend Tyson is doing the Pine to Palm 100 tomorrow.

The 100 stands for miles.

100 miles.

One hundred. Miles.

Just think on that for a minute.

83. Tyson

This is his second 100-mile race. The first time he mentioned his first to us, he did it really casually. We were in a brewhouse taproom. He did mentioned it as an aside, as part of a bigger story. I made him pause so I could ask about the race. He answered and carried on. I made him pause again to confirm 100 miles and ask how long that takes. Yes. 30 hours. He continued with his story and I waited patiently until I got the opportunity to ask how he trained to do that. How did you prepare yourself for that? Certainly I understood that the physical feat was astounding, but I couldn’t help but wonder how the heck someone would psychologically endure thirty hours of extremely challenging physical performance. Like, whoa.

So, now he is doing it again and it’s just about the only thing that’s been on my mind all week. I feel so much pride and enthusiasm and I just wish that I could be there with him. We’ve been checking in on our group chat every day this week and he’s shared what he’s eating and how he’s preparing and his running playlist and which audio books he’ll listen to and it’s all be really exciting. We can’t be there, but it feels a little bit like we are.

As he heads off into the woods today, we wished him the best of luck and let him know how proud we are of him, that we are with him in spirit. From the time the race starts tomorrow morning until he finishes sometime on Sunday around noon, our hearts and our minds will be running with him.


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