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I spent the month of August documenting a single thing that makes me happy every day. #AwesomeAugust was an enjoyable way to document some of the fun things we were doing as well as the other things we have to be grateful for. I can’t believe that the month is already over and that summer is on its way out, too. Here are my final six #AwesomeAugust posts. Links to my archives are down below.

51. Columbia StrEAT

Day 26
Mint & algae kombucha
The elixir of the gods

74. Awesome August Day 28

Day 27
Jalapeño harvest

73. Awesome August Day 27

Day 28
Memories of great friends, great travel, great cities

75. Awesome August Day 29

Day 29
Modernizing very old heirloom furniture
(Which do you like better??)

76. Awesome August Day 30

Day 30
Baseball at Nat Bailey is a summertime treat.
Good friends are the sprinkles on top.

77. Awesome August Day 31

Day 31
Future jack-o’-lanterns

#AwesomeAugust, #ThankfulThursday & breaking rules aka week one
#AwesomeAugust Week two
#AwesomeAugust Week three
#AwesomeAugust Week four

What did you celebrate this August? What did you have to feel most thankful for?

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