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I just entered the fourth and final week of my daily challenge of posting something that makes me happy and August awesome. It’s been a great way to remember to practice gratitude which, I’m beginning to realize, is a way to slow down time by taking some time and thought and marking something special each day.

57. Awesome August Day 19

Day 19
Fall and winter seedlings
Kale, kale, kale, cabbage

58. Awesome August Day 20

Day 20
Hikes, Port Moody, this guy

59. Awesome August Day 21

Day 21
My first cucumber, two lily white radishes

60. Awesome August Day 22

Day 22
Red Ace Beets & Turmeric shots

“Quick recovery”

61. Awesome August Day 23

Day 23
A cat lost, a cat found
I can’t not tell this story eventually…

62. Awesome August Day 24

Day 24
New West Quay, 5am

63. Awesome August Day 25

Day 25
Cats love suitcases, yoga and crazy eyes

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