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I’m in week three of my daily challenge of posting something that makes me happy and August awesome. It’s been a great way to remember to practice gratitude which, I’m beginning to realize, is a way to slow down time by taking some time and thought and marking something special each day.

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34. Awesome August Day 12

Day 12
iMessage group chats can be genius

35. Awesome August Day 13

Day 13
Tomatoes – straight out of the garden

37. Awesome August Day 15

Day 14
Bridges, pathways, farmland, cows

36. Awesome August Day 14

Day 15
Reading again. Reading Gretchen Rubin.
(Also, being regrammed by her!)

38. Awesome August Day 16

Day 16
I don’t do it often, but I always do it bold.

39. Awesome August Day 17

Day 17
Just completed the Headspace Take Ten introduction to meditation.

40. Awesome August Day 18

Day 18
Cat things. Toes, paws, whiskers, ears.
Cats make every day better.

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