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Writing here every day has proven to be a little more challenging than I’d originally expected and/or planned for. I’m going back to the drawing board this weekend to figure out how to manage it and I’m going to get this train back on its tracks.

I have been keeping up with a few things: meditation, gratitude journaling, #AwesomeAugust posts on Instagram and Facebook to name a few. In honour of #ThankfulThursday, here’s a recap of the past week’s

21. Awesome August Day 5Day 5
I’d been dreaming a PB&J for weeks.
This Bistro Box from Starbucks is like a treasure chest of lunchtime goodies.

22. Awesome August Day 6Day 6
Long hikes and lunches on park benches.

23. Awesome August Day 7Day 7
Checking things off lists.
Also, swimming in lakes.

24. Awesome August Day 8Day 8
Sweet, succulent surprises.

25. Awesome August Day 9Day 9
Fruits of labour.

26. Awesome August Day 10Day 10
Massive and magnificent pink dahlias.

27. Awesome August Day 11Day 11
I always believed in futures…”

What’s been awesome for you so far this August? 

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#AwesomeAugust – the finale – TDTFYH August 31, 2016 - 9:01 pm

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