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I’ve been feeling like I’m in need of a change for a little while. When it comes to blogging, I mean.

Here’s the history:

When I first started blogging in 2005, (whoa! and, also, happy ten-year anniversary to me!) my whole blogging crowd was a network of people from here in BC to Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Texas, Oregon and Washington who all treated their very own fancy personalized webpages as what they were at their heart: online diaries. We spewed our thoughts, feelings and experiences in stream of consciousness flow with little if any real point and our pages were certainly without strict themes.

As blogging matured, people became more focused and experts joined the community. Specialized blogs were born and niches were developed. Some of us kept writing, some of us gave it up. For the most part, I made some really great friends during that time and I’ve kept in touch with all the best of them. Many of us have met in real life and continued to share our lives in ways that have advanced as more methods became available to us.

Me, I’ve never been able to give up on blogging. My blogging career has had many incarnations. I’ve had so many blogs, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even list them all off at once. I’ve used different platforms and different names, but I always stayed true to the blogging just what’s on my mind attitude of yesteryear.

I’ve always felt that we should write our blogs from the heart and with integrity. I’ve never written anything that I would be ashamed to have someone, anyone discover. I’ve always avoided writing anything I would be embarrassed about. I’m pretty diverse in my interests and my interests are sometimes (okay, a lot of times) short-lived. I’m kind of a moving target when it comes to having a theme or a focus in writing, in acting, in life. For a long time, I had a hard time figuring out what common thread ran through everything I do in my life and everything that I am. Finally, it dawned on me that the one thing that I try to be conscious of throughout every day and in (most) everything I do is a feeling of wellness, happiness and health. So, why not write with that committed focus?

So, I blew it all up. Yep, I’ve deleted all my old posts. With my new wellness lifestyle theme intact, it’s time for a fresh start with clear eyes and a full heart. I plan on being here daily and sharing what I’m doing on a daily basis to further my growth and building of a healthy(er) home and life.

I’m starting over with defined intention for this space and its community. I’ll be here to balance positivity, optimism and enthusiasm with a dose of reality, substance and earnest. This is the day to follow your heart, after all. It’s high time I started sharing that. I hope you’ll join me.

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