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Don’t leave home without it

by Carly-Ann

I know I’m getting old maturing because I keep developing “ways I do things” without even thinking about it. I also keep coming up with lists of “ways I will do things from now on.” Carved in stone. Forever and ever.

The topic this week is travel. The lesson is in all the things I didn’t pack and will never ever leave home without again.

I’m on what was supposed to be a week long business trip to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Today is day nine.

I become more of a minimalist every time I travel. I brought The Big Suitcase this week, but I was a little astonished that I didn’t have to sit on it to get it closed and, to be honest, when I opened it up on the other side, all my stuff had shrunk so much from the handling that there were gaps of space left surrounding it all. (Plus side: I’m totally throwing my laptop and bag in there on the way back. I don’t even care if you’re not supposed to – lugging that thing plus my own carry on and personal (and more valued) laptop all the way across the country is agony.)

I don’t remember being stuffed up when I got off the plane, but sometime over the past week, it started. At first I thought allergies. Next, a cold. Even now, I can’t put my finger on exactly what the issue was – really bad allergies or a really mild cold – but I’ve been living with a stuffed up head, watery eyes and peek-a-boo voice the whole time. It hasn’t been total agony, but it’s been annoying.

I abide the belief that packing for a trip isn’t something to get stressed about. All you REALLY need is money and a passport. Anything else that you might forget can be found on the other side. Mostly.

Neti Pot_604

This trip, being in a small town, feeling slightly under the weather, working a lot, I’ve learned that if I am going to pack, there are a few things I won’t again leave at home. (I’d say forget, but it would be dishonest. I thought about each and every one of these things and made a conscious decision NOT to pack them.)

  • Green tea. The west coaster in me thought, “what hotel doesn’t have green tea?” Now I know.
  • Neti pot. I’m in love with mine. Sick or not. Allergies or not. Neti pots are the best thing ever.
  • Hoodie. Nothing worse than being cold. There’s no more comfortable way to lounge than in your favourite hoodie.
  • Scarf. Necks need TLC and a scarf adds a little protection and warmth to a vulnerable area.

I acquired the tea and bought a new neti pot and I’ve gotten by without the rest. Life goes on, of course, but I can’t help but think this week might have been easier if I’d had all my goodies available. Even less comfortable is the realization that, all of a sudden, I have a Don’t Leave Home Without list.

So, what’s on yours?

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allison bridgman June 10, 2015 - 10:30 am

Always, always, always bring a light scarf. It’s perfect for the plane because as it’s always inevitably cold and lightweight so that it doesn’t take up room. I’m prone to cold sores when travelling/out in the sun so now pack all my meds – learned the hard way last year. And bandaids and athletic tape; we walked nearly 30km last weekend and while I remained blister-free, there really is nothing worse than blisters or cuts to hinder another 5 days of adventures. And sunscreen.

My travel musts – TDTFYH April 16, 2016 - 9:33 am

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